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Good mental health care will be important. 
Everyone has different schedules. 
Projects need benevolent dictators. 
No investors, please. 
Resources for accelerated education. 

Courseware links 
Study groups 
Other online resources 
Pipe dream: IAU, a real, accredited, University for members of the coop 

Incorporate mindfulness exercises into the company culture 

What kind of legal entity would be most effective for managing a coop? 
How do we identify candidates? Can this process scale? 

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HiveMind is a peer-to-peer application (or suite of applications) for managing resources, coordinating projects, and sharing ideas. 


Content is synced via NNTP 
Metadata is maintained within the Wampum Blockchain 
Peers can selectively: 

Archive posts 
Store-and-forward posts 
Read posts 
Store/Mine the Blockchain 
Create transactions on the Blockchain 
Connect to Wampum SPV nodes to create transactions on the Blockchain 

Link addresses to PGP IDs 


Distributed wiki application 
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# Infinite Automata 

Infinite Automata is an implementation of a new kind of society, a society 
designed to play to the strengths of the people it is composed of, and to 
shore up the many flaws that seem to appear in the human character. Despite the 
very technical nature of most of the solutions proposed herein, Infinite 
Automata is a people-focused organization: one that fully engages with its 
members to create an ecosystem where amazing people can learn and create 
together. Members collaborate 
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