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I was ascending a mountain 
it was a spiral mountain like in the grinch movie 
and then there were doors 
and the central access had doors all up the side 
and it had all these people in it, some going in and some going out 
and some that went in never came out 
but there was one person who gets in and came out  
it was literally little red ridding hood 
she found a way to go in and pop back down 8 doors down 
but little red riding hood understand where she wanted to go 
she wanted to get to the bottom  
you shall soon see why 
down at there bottom there’s a radiation based wasteland 
she has to get across this terrifying desert  
across the desert theres a jungle 
theres one problem with the jungly, there’s this witch 
she’s not that evil 
she has 2 bottles in front of her 
one is poisonous, and one isnt 
she doesn’t know which one is, and which isn’t, but she has really good luck 
the front of her jungle is covered in corpses 
she had this sandwich in her basket that she gave the witch 
the witch was so touched that she was shown kindness, that she just let her though 
once she passed the witch, there’s this beautiful countryside that looks like the rolling hills in mainz, big fields of wheat with windmills. Once you pass the witch, you get to this incredible, beautiful place. 
the place she wanted to get to was the moon, and thats why she went to the top of the mountain. the only way to the moon is to go to this giant ladder. on the other side of this big field is a geo-thermal wasteland. Like the hot spring field of yellowstone. totally desolate. with big piles of sulfur. if she steps on the wrong part of this wasteland, she’ll get horrible burns. She needs a map. She has to get it from this jackal, who nobody thinks to ask because it’s an animal. she throws a bag of bacon to him. he is suspicious, but by showing this prosciutto, this jackal looks at her, and he tries to talk to her. he says, because you were kind to me, this form of like that you would think is inferior, I don’t want to see you die, and i’ll show you the map. 
he draws the map in the sand for her. 
at this point, little red riding hood may be my sister.  
she looks behind her, and she realized that all the land had changed. she realized that the map was no longer valid because someone changed it. She made it across the lava field anyway.  
she gets to the other side and goes thought a monotonous journey.  
she makes it to the top of this rock wall, there’s a big countryside again, at the end there’s an enormous city, with the latter at the middle. she knows she needs to go through al this suffering and human decay and neglect to get there. everyone tells her not to go in there. she says she has to, she knows what she needs to do. 
There’s this little grandma lady that comes up to her and says she has done it herself, and it’s beautiful and she needs to do it. she tells her she needs to stay in the shadows, if she goes in the light, the cannibal warlord-slavery people will know she’s not from there.  

she decides to go though. she’s gonna completely avoid the light. everything is iron-rust colored. Held together by spit, prayers, and bubblegum. She darts between shadows. under a market, a temple, She gets to a more affluent part, everything is blue and white porcelain. everything gleams. She just has to keep going through, the shadows are lighter, and the people are suspicious in a different way. the people here are fabulously wealthy, she’s trying to find a door to get out. The only door that works to get out is this shabby little door, she had to try all the other ones before she finally picked this one. when she walked though, all matter disappeared behind her. she’s in pure light. as she walked though, she started to see a door. its the only thing she can see. she opens it, and inside this guy in a hood (not a meaning guy) asks her, do you know how lucky you are? he told her that was the part of the city that beings too pure to live in the city thrive. she couldn’t see it. But the people living there, they liked her, so they picked her up and guided her toward the door. she is supported by hundreds of people that helped her. She looks around, and it’s really nice. it’s like kanehoa it’s like, her ideal place she could ever live. it was so tempting to stay there. It was the most beautiful place in the world, everyone drank tea instead of going to war. we’re all kind of killing each other in this world (actually don’t write that down)so finally she came to the entrance to the space elevator. she thinks, I’ve been to the best place in the entire world ,its literally like a buddhist garden in hawaii. with cool birds. the most beautiful place in the world. you can feed the fish, these big fat codfish. she was eating seafood.  

if she wants to do anything, she can here. She has all these pleasures, but she knows she has to do it. It took her years to realize this, she’s like middle aged now. After living here, she is consumed by her need to see the moon.  

She gets on the space elevator (which is actually very futuristic, not a ladder, that’s what her child self personified it as)