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None walkaway.software.tachisaruchan >>92441c71ad2b8951aa [Reply]

> p2p messageboard network over NNTP

currently a fork of nntpchan. eventually planning to add a native ui and new a new backend written in chicken scheme. 


let's try to keep track of something xj9 >>80f76b71aed16133ac [Reply]

so the idea of this message board is to have a p2p messaging system that we can use to coordinate whatever projects we want to be working on. anyone can create a topic which will be replicated to everyone in the network. spam control works based on consensus since content is difficult to delete unless everyone removes it. this is a feature. lost data is no bueno. the consensus ui is not the best, so that's something that we can address. 

i think an adhoc tagging system is a good way to go. down the road we can make a UI that automates filtering through "closed threads" in a more gitcorp way if that's something we decide is needed. to start with, i think the mailing list format will work fine. 

if we consider https://www.reddit.com/r/seventhworldproblems/ we can see a nice pattern for tagging stuff. 

[type: bug] 

[status: fucking annoying] 

[status: probably fixed] 

[type: feature] 

[milestone: 2.1] 

once we settle on a common vocabulary these can be documented in the project repo. the goal, more or less, is to capture the jargon we already use and make it a bit easier to search for. 

what aboud identity? Anonymous >>b4d515a794e69b1770 [Reply]

i'm not certain how important identity is in here. maybe going anon would be a good thing? focusing on ideas over people is possibly a good reason. maybe it can be a per-topic thing. not really important to enforce.