The only data we require of your account is your email address; a username of your choosing, which must be unique among all users; and a password. Your email and username are stored in "plain text". Your password is stored after processing with bcrypt, from which the original password cannot be devised without a computationally expensive process. However, given your password, we can determine that it matches our stored key without expensive processing. The purpose of this step is to ensure that should our database become compromised, your original password will be difficult to recover. Regardless, you are strongly encouraged to use a unique password for your sunshine gardens account.

You may choose to give us additional information, which is shown publicly on the site. This includes:

You may omit or provide fictitious data for this information. Sunshine gardens is set up to discard all log information immediately unless an engineer is actively using logging facilities to diagnose and fix an issue with the system. We take great care to avoid storing personally identifying information unless it is explicitly neecessary.

How we share your information with third-parties

Aside from information you choose to make public in the course of your use of sunshine gardens and information you explicitly choose to share with specific third parties, none of your information is shared with third parties. We do not embed third-party content in our website, with one exception: on the billing page, we embed a script from Stripe. This measure is taken to improve your privacy and allows us to avoid directly handling your credit card information.

We permit user-generated content to include images from and links to third-party sites. On pages displaying this content, information may be sent to these third-parties. This information includes:

We are not responsible for any additional information your web browser may send to these third parties.

If you use any of our paid services, we will transmit your payment information to a third-party payment processor. You will be notified of this before the information is transmitted, and given an opportunity to prevent its transmission. We will be unable to provide you with paid services if you decline to transmit this information.

We may also be required to remit your data upon receiving an order from a court of the United States. If permitted by the order, you will be notified if this happens.

How to access and control the information we've collected

You may submit a request via email to to request an archive of the information we've collected about you, or to request that we remove any information we've collected about you.