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I retreat now into my 🅱️ave of 🅱️overs, only to be 🅱️oaxed back into 🅱️antankerous 🅱️onsciousness by the 🅱️rossing of 🅱️elestial beams and my 🅱️one 🅱️ells.


It's bedtime in twenty minutes. How tf am I supposed to be asleep in 20 minutes

There is no "right time" to come out. But sooner is probably better. Transparency is a beautiful thing. The fact is, someone isn't going to assume that I am gay. I have to let it be known. I'm just pretty darn anxious when it comes to social interaction and am caught off guard when approached. I JUST GOTTA SPEAK MY MIND AND GIVE NO FUCKS. Problem solved

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I'm scared to tell guys that I'm gay because I expect an angry response. I expect them to say something about me wasting their time when all I was trying to do is be friends. But I feel like it's wrong to push potential friendships away out of fear. Also, who's to say someone is even interested? At what point do you come out. Ugh

I don't want to have to drink cofe to do my job. I'll drink cofe to give me a boost when I'm doing things for myself. But to go to work? To do shit I don't care about? Nuh uh. Time to nip this tolerance in the bud so I can use cofe as a useful boost for my own benefit. Amen.

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@xj9 lately when I reply to posts, I automatically @ myself. Is this a setting I stupidly turned on?

The only time I've had a panic attack was really dumb. I was asleep in my room on a Friday night, when all the drunken buffoons in my living room charged out the front door and past my window and down the stairs, yelling. I woke up really suddenly and I was scared and tired, then I couldn't breathe and I started crying and hyperventilating. I was like tf? Just go back to sleep lol. But I couldn't control it. It was really weird. I don't envy those that have regular panic attacks.

October fest in Big Beeeear this weekend. I wish I had lederhosen

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I have nothing against you personally, I just hate everything you do and believe in.

I'm going to make waking up early a habit. This is one habit I have not been able to stick with ever in my entire life. It's just so darn hard for me. But I can do it! Wake up -> go for run -> meditate.

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The origin of sunshine gardens lies in paranormal investigation