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/fit/ thicc fairy 🀬 @xj9@sunshinegardens.org

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i cast a vote of no confidence in the FSF

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nukes are peace
anarchy is order
traps are gay

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you call yourself a witch, but your gods are false and your shit's all retarded

i'll leave you with a True Glyph: Ξ»

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equipped with (parens), functional purity, and cute outfits we embark on a journey to create a new cyberworld where the Evil can grow and prepare for the end of days

replacing drugs with /fit/ because all I got out of drugs was hazy memories and a lot of heartbreak

not straightedge by any means, but they aren't going to be my hobby anymore either

life hack: get one of those giant teddy bears, take out the stuffing, and wear it like a suit

probs need to advertise my stream on one of those darknet wiki

Just curious, being as the 'core masto crowd' is so quick to throw the Japanese users under the bus, do they exclude them from their artificially inflated bot reports? Afterall it's not hard to see where most instances are https://www.shodan.io/search?query=mastodon

sorry what I meant to say was that white people are everything that is wrong with the world πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡³

or is it pllc I can never keep that straight

βœ… smert
βœ… funny
❌ mature

umm human is human like your skin color doesn't really matter 🐸

uhh my photos are all organized different now that im using plex instead of and I cant download them to my phone apparently 🀬