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government doesn't exist

government defined and enforced the law

so law doesn't exist either

crime = breaking the law

so how do I crime if there is no such thing as government?

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and God said: everything is a file and it was so

then the military created a psionic super virus that replicated itself across the globe using glass and lasers and God’s children forgot Her truth and used sinful interfaces

and god was like wtf? and sent rob pike to restore order to the world, but the church of UNIX had become corrupt and the light and truth of plan 9 was locked away for a generation and eventually forgotten by all but the most devout UNIX HATERS.

if my instance looks crashy, its because #cjdns can't keep a stable link open between my clearnet gateway and the rpi on my desk :/
Reading the FSF rejected distro list feels like reading a fedi blocklist
i have a few more details to take care of before i can share it, but hopefully my next blog post will be helpful for bootstrapping a dark #fediverse in #hyperboria
Current "decentralized Instagram" count: at least three.
Federated grindr when?

Jk it's called the fediverse
goverment site: prove that you're not a robot
rebellion site: prove that you're not a number
remember than if you can't get a gf the best possible way to proceed is to become a gf

there's a lot of shitty old buildings around here. i wonder how much it'd cost to buy/fix one up?

zoning might be an issue with some of the places i've been looking at, but it would be cool to make like a hacker community building with workspaces and living quarters. we could have a garden on the roof, solar everywhere... :blobmelt:

guix substitute: error: download from 'https:...nsnryv5msrd-python-future-0.16.0' failed: 504, "Gateway Time-out"

"I tried passing through a gateway to get to the future and it timed out"

hate fueled development as a service
People use mastodon because they love the community. People use pleroma because they love me.

i have CRDT on the brain so bad that i wrote one into a work project without even noticing.