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omg i love beets but its going to take forever to import my library

@Elizafox well then you need like a chain or a baseball bat to even it out maybe bring some homies and make him regret fucking with you

@Elizafox that's when you get ripped and kick his ass after the montage is over






@notjeff people love that shit and you're getting paid (some) to let other people post ads for you and draw attention to your $whatever

if you care preventing censorship, which is what i think this free speech debate is really about, contribute to or any technical solution to your problem with whatever skills you have free software projects need a lot more than sw dev to be successful

marketing, documentation, graphic design, ux design, media (video, podcasts, &c.), qa

Free speech is a vague term. As a libertarian I reject it.
You can't yell "Fire!" in my theater or just insult me at my workplace and expect me to still serve you. Fuck yourself, you will face consequences for what you say.
Anyone who prefers state to anarchy should prove that in the state of anarchy people would be killed in the amounts greater than all the genocides, demicides and wars by the state.
I don't care if it's a good or a bad state. I don't care if it's a good or a bad anarchy.

@augustus i tried to tell them that their meme game was weak and they just laughed then i told them than the alt-right used memes to put drumpf in office

they didn't like that at all

from the perspective of the mind virus meme parasite which transmits itself into human brains through language, speech *actually* is a form of violence. because the only way memes go into conflict with each other is on the battlefield of language where they either win or die and get replaced. so when these communist idiots are screaming speech is violence speech is violence, it is literally the progressive alien parasite talking through them trying to frantically defend itself from all competing memes which could threaten its survival.
hate speech is not free speech implies you do not have the freedom to hate