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masterreadme - add fork notesxj93 months
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2019-08-22readme - add fork notesHEADmasterxj9
2019-08-13Rather big upstream mergeHan Boetes
2019-08-13Rather big upstream mergeHan Boetes
2019-06-20upstream merges, requested by Leonid BobrovHan Boetes
2019-04-05some minor upstream changesHan Boetes
2019-02-23Merge pull request #8 from mazocomp/masterHan Boetes
2019-02-04DragonFly BSD finally has reallocarrayLeonid Bobrov
2018-12-15Upstream sync which adds toggle-read-only-all function.Han Boetes
2018-12-03From upstream: fix undo in transpose-paragraph.Han Boetes
2018-09-28Add documentation and kudos for the CMake support. Thanks @mazocompHan Boetes