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masterupdate builds process, ditch docker (finally)xj93 months
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2019-08-19update builds process, ditch docker (finally)HEADmasterxj9
2019-08-16WIP - new layout, search and shitxj9
2019-05-22enable minify for public targetxj9
2019-05-22use hugo, add blog capabilitiesxj9
2019-05-15Merge branch 'latest' of source:xj9/sunshinegardens.org into latestxj9
2019-05-15convert to hugo sitexj9
2019-05-12WIP - sunshine garden themexj9
2018-10-13add license to stylesheets, blobify media assets, replace youtube embed with ...xj9
2018-10-12polish header, add profile linkxj9
2018-09-28add thought emprorium video, finish call to actionxj9