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membership by invite only

hello there!

welcome to sunshine gardens. we are a virtual clubhouse for solarpunks and other forward-thinking individuals and ground-zero for the walkaway project. admission is by invite only, but you are welcome to contact the admin team if you would like to join us.

some day, we would like to build an eco-village on sustainable technology and renewable energy. that's a huge project, but we can start small by fostering an online network of motivated people who want to build a future where technology and ecology work in harmony.


we don't charge for membership, but it does cost to operate the clubhouse. there are several ways to donate, but the preferred method is a 5 USD / mo recurring donation. this amount is by no means mandatory, pay what you can, when you can :)



includes access to our webmail server and mobile/desktop app apis. iOS and macOS users can click here for one-click setup. otherwise, check the table below for reference.


sunshine gardens' email server uses a technique called greylisting to cut down on spam. greylisting works by initially rejecting mail from people you haven’t received mail from before. legitimate mail servers will attempt redelivery shortly afterwards, but the vast majority of spam gets tricked by this. if you are waiting for an email from someone new, such as if you are registering on a new website and are waiting for an email confirmation, please be aware there will be a minimum of 3 minutes delay, depending how soon the remote server attempts redelivery.

+tag addresses

Every incoming email address also receives mail for +tag addresses. If your email address is, you’ll also automatically get mail sent to Use this as a fast way to segment incoming mail for your own filtering rules without having to ask an admin to create aliases.

imap port993
imap securitySSL or TLS
pop port995
pop securitySSL or TLS
smtp port587
smtp securitySTARTTLS
usernameyour whole email address
passwordyour mail password


pleroma fe mastodon fe brutaldon (beta)


click here to sign up. you can create a username and password that will be used to sign into a native app on your phone or desktop.

xmpp port5222
imap securitySSL or TLS
usernameyour JID
passwordyour xmpp password

community hacking / tildes