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@kai @sikkdays I don't know where you'd find the info for most #Android phones, though my 2016 Samsung S7 seems to receive an update about once every six weeks (far more frequently than any other mobile device I've ever owned). The prior phone, a Samsung S4, only received 3-4 updates over the 3+ years I had it.
Congrats to the #Replicant Free Software #Android team on the 6.0 update! This release more than doubles the number of supported devices and contains a few important fixes and improvements.

#Fairphone just dropped an updated camera module for the Fairphone 2. Now if only they could provide us with an updated SoC and an up-to-date #Android version, that would be brilliant...

Sunset last night, sunrise this morning :) #photography #android #snapseed

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I just realized if ONLY 50 people per day for 39 days, were to contribute to the #Librem5 campaign, we would be looking at a funded project and freedom from the tyranny of the Bi-Polar (in multiple ways) mobile world of #Android vs #iOS. Why not back this project and share with your friends? Heres the link!

#FreeSoftware #Freedom @fsf @BryanLunduke @omgubuntu @ubuntupodcast @linux

Tried and utterly failed to configure a fresh nano install in Termux. Copy-pasting from a web page didn't work :/ And I'm also not sure where to put configuration files? Help from any #android #termux users would be welcome.

is a phone for hackers

live hackable lisp machine
brilliant 800x400px touch display
8MP front and rear cameras
full mechanical keyboard
headphone jack

open source plans to make one at home!

Interesting light and clouds out here. #photography #android #snapseed

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Whomever bought the RCA name is really lagging on #Android updates for their line of tablets. My Samsung phone received the August 01 security update today. The RCA tablet? No updates since I got it.

Question for phone geeks: does internal storage matter if a phone has an SD slot? Is it worth paying extra for a phone with 32gb storage (compared to 16gb in the cheaper version) if both variants support expandable storage? It's been a long time since I had a phone with an SD slot, so I don't really know if #Android treats external storage differently than internal or if moving apps to external storage is still an pain in the ass like it was back in the early days of Android.

Apparently #Android #Oreo is being praised by the press for introducing a great novelty: a hardware abstraction layer. Is this the year 1995 or am I having a bad trip?

I've had a look at Mastodon on #Android and want to know what your best recommendations are. Too much choice and not enough information for me to make a decision.

#Android nerds, what can you tell me about the #MediaTek MTK6750T processor? Any good?

I'm considering backing the Frank phone. Specs looks amazing for the price, but I'm hesitant because of the processor. If it was a Snapdragon 600 series processor, I wouldn't hesitate. But I'm unsure about buying a phone with a MTK processor, especially because they don't release kernels so I'd never be able to use a custom ROM.

This is soo cool! A desktop powered by the #Note8 or an #S8. #Android apps running in windows ... #IFA #IFA2017 #Samsung #Berlin

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