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sells luxury electronics, they never made a secret about it. sells expensive flagship phones too.

"overpriced" is a misnomer as well, because people line up to pay said prices. the price is correct. even if you don't like or agree with it.

that actually has more to do with the Chinese suicide rate on a national level than the working conditions

really strange to me that people are so quick to shit on and like give a pass on almost everything (less so recently, but still)

is and we don't like them for reasons, but they aren't completely incompetent

like, at least do a little research before you start shitting on things

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>uhh #APPL has the strongest customer loyalty of any tech/hardware company
that's not a result of their products being good, it's the cause of their products being mediocre


> suck

uhh has the strongest customer loyalty of any tech/hardware company

they make p decent shit tbh

not the best, but what is the competition?

shitty windoze PC with adware pre-installed
android phones with adware preinstalled (which you can also not remove)

point me at an ultrabook with similar specs to a macbook pro that is significantly cheaper

not trying to shill, just saying they are strong competition that shouldn't be under estimated.

@lunar well, you *do* have to opt out of the system, just like you opt to use or products. you make a choice. as an activist and developer it is my job to make the free alternatives useful and attractive so that users will have practical reasons to adopt tech that respects their freedom.

if you are a developer or marketing person, well the weight *is* on your shoulders because you have the skills to influence people use to better shit.

me: all you need is love

: all you need is love, but also really expensive devices because it isn't real love without iPhone

I still don't have a solution I'm happy with for syncing photos between my devices but I might just bite the bullet and manage them manually for the time being

and photos are damn good application