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a fully assembled #cybredeck is probably going to end up ~150 USD

#nomad will be around ~200 USD i think

solar and lithium isn't the cheapest stuff, but is isn't bad

@Concerned_Commy federation is a really weak version of decentralization fam literally does nothing to prevent a well-funded or aggressive/dominant player from taking control of the network. federation relies on the network operators valuing decentralization.

what we need is solutions that, by their very nature, cannot be centralized. proper #p2p shit.

i do agree that we need to make hardware (and hardware manufacture) a much more dex process.


#cybredeck should be small 17.78cm is too big to be comfy and touch is turning out to be too much of a hassle

consider this: life was great in 2008

imagine 2008 but with 802.11ac, faster cores, and #clojure

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is a phone for hackers

live hackable lisp machine
brilliant 800x400px touch display
8MP front and rear cameras
full mechanical keyboard
headphone jack

open source plans to make one at home!

last night i started thinking that maybe it will be more interesting to jump into new form factors rather than try to replicate $SAME_OLD_PHONE but with Freedom

is still happening as planned, but i have some new ideas for the future


i'm making , a smartphone you can assemble at home (with some skill) i also want to go after a solar pocket pc/netbook idea using the same hardware platform + solar, battery, keyboard, enclosure.

software-wise, i'm going for a modernized lisp machine idea with a lot of inspiration taken from and . post below outlines the arch.

base OS is (alpine-based).

hmu on !

Had a nice hour earlier with the #ergodox doing some general linux work on the #cybredeck base system.

I am still typing like a very clumsy oaf and still keep a layout display open once a secondary device for reference, but I am not sure having any problem keeping myself from looking down at the keyboard.

I am already finding things I want to change about the layout but I want to hold off on making many changes until I have more time in on it.

cc @zigg