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#grid (#tomo and my overly ambitions projects in general) tries to lean on existing tech as much as possible at the heart of this is #docker running in swarm mode packages are strictly packaged docker images what #grid adds to the equation is NAT smashing overlay networking, automatic host configuration, garbage collection, uptime monitoring, privacy control, storage, and so on

@dolus one potentially cool use of to handle this issue is read-only binding the appropriate "host" paths to the corresponding directories in the container (except maybe in the case of a theme picker tool which would want rw)

@dolus the packaging side of my project is basically the same deal, but using instead of i'm using some custom scripts rn, but i'm considering standardizing on PKGBUILD or APKBUILD depending on whether i can encode service dependencies and shit in a way that isn't too awkward

@gcupc thats thing... I do want to get involved with running my own #mastodon instance at some point on the same computer as my blog... however i do wonder if id be in order my head too quickly. i already tried installing mastodon and failed. thinking i may need to learn #docker first before trying again...

Alright, it's #LibreMonday today!

At Hamburg Universitiy of Technology we use #StaticSiteGenerators for the production of Open Educational Ressources (#OER). We chose #GitBook ( first and try #Jekyll now.

Please find some examples here:


#GitBook is great, but I recommend to use the commandline tool v3.2.3 and publish and host yourself. For that workflow #GitLab and #Docker are great.

@clacke πŸ€” I probably need to consider SEO when I'm naming these things tbh

is a scheduler along the lines of fleet or k8s the idea is to turn your personal devices (+ optionally cloud machines) into a single distributed UNIX-ish thing uses for isolation and packaging not ready to share yet, but it *is* functional enough that I can use it to host my personal cloud nonsense

Finally setting up my wonderful new server. Debian 9 already up. Was going to remove #systemd, but apparently #libvirt and #docker require it. Eh.

just about time to setup a swarm to lb services between both hetzner machines no more room on the first one

i want to run as the base os for both, so i'll need a decent maintenance window to handle the move

running on this time!

@bea YES

see uses to run jobs, the idea being that you can pair a bunch of devices to your public key and send them encrypted commands over . i'm excited because i don't have to change much of anything to support native graphical applications.

the original idea was to make applications the standard for guis, but making them fit on an or is basically not going to happen.

@zaksoup @thurloat docker is fine. i've built a lot of very reliable services for my clients on top of . you *do* have to know what the fuck you are doing, but you can't blame the tool for your lack of knowledge.

#SocialCoop instance is back online after some downtime while I worked through some issues that came up while upgrading #Mastodon.

I learned a few more things about #Docker today...

Sorry for the inconvenience! πŸ˜“