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@lunar well, you *do* have to opt out of the system, just like you opt to use or products. you make a choice. as an activist and developer it is my job to make the free alternatives useful and attractive so that users will have practical reasons to adopt tech that respects their freedom.

if you are a developer or marketing person, well the weight *is* on your shoulders because you have the skills to influence people use to better shit.

@u2764 i can only control my own behavior and try to influence others. i'm already winning b/c i have good non-corp alternatives for all of the services i use AND my fam is willing to use the shit i host

literally days away from completely cutting the corporate cord and getting my family off of messenger

can't be bothered to give a fuck about any other humans tho

my tiny dex internet heartcore will stand forever outside of capitalism

@er1n @pointers that is and protecting their interests

don't have to hack nothing if you just use directly

if i ever get running i'll set up a instance and finally cut messenger out of my life

An elderly former librarian, I pass things along to keep brain supple.

Sources r aggregated in #Feedly and a list on #Birdsite and items I feel worth one's time r distributed 2 #fb, Birdsite, here, and even g+. Most #garden/ag/#survival goes to fb, most #climate/#pol/#disaster/#recovery goes to the bird, and most #coop/#economy here.

I keep recurring snippets of text in TextEdit, and recurring imagery in a folder called Stuff.

This is done from a recliner on a Macbook, with lap dog & coffee.

ÍNDIA passa EUA, é o maior país no #FB. SÃO PAULO ganha 2M usuários [01 - 07/17], mas cai de 7o pra 9o entre cidades.

Lembrei da festa do Brasil em 1º no #Orkut. Disse @JPBarlow: "you have this soccer thing, as you were in a worldcup"

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@maiyannah @bob what must happen is federated none profits based on #GS & ultra #freespeech standards going head to head with #Twitter & #FB