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Just started #Firefox for the first time in months. Won't be doing that again. Would rather support #kde #falkon without #eme #drm


Still no adaptive scrollbars in Firefox 57.0b2 ! 😡 #firefox

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@dorsett @jitender @paramjot35 comments about #ABP using lots of CPU/RAM make me sit up and take notice. I have had #Firefox issues...
Bon, bin je migre de #Firefox à GNU IceCat . Même plugins actifs, même onglets ouverts, quelle rapidité gagnée ! La version que j'utilise est celle des dépôts #Fedora, soit la 52.3.0 . Est ce que cela veut dire qu'entre la 52 et la 55 : Mozilla à oublié l'optimisation mémoire ?

hm dunno since when it's available but this #firefox theme doesn't look that bad to me.

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i think is mad at me

this thing has crashed five times already this morning

#Equifax web tool for checking if you were affected by the #hack is flagged as deceptive in #FireFox, because the terms of use contain an arbitration clause as well. Holy fuck.

#firefox kotzt mich so an. Ist so langsam.
Nutze dann doch lieber #Chromium.

#uBlock Origin just destroyed itself on #Firefox ESR (Debian) by performing an incompatible update. Why is this even possible? The fix is to install again the old version from here and then in disable the auto-update in the add-ons.

So, with #Firefox 57 #uBlock Origin broke for a couple of days (it's fixed now! \o/), but how the hell "real people" browse the web without adblocking extension?!? Jesus, popups and shit everywhere!

#Firefox is lately indeed giving its best for losing me as a user... about five ebay accounts missing and i didn't store them in keepass yet.
(those accounts are not only from me)

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@musicman Last I checked, the released version of #Firefox for #Windows was still a 32-bit process. Not that this info helps.

#Mozilla veut collecter des données d'utilisation sur #Firefox!topi

(3eme fois que je le poste, je haïs les fautes)

The last couple of months I've been browsing with #Firefox again as performance and rendering speeds have improved, but dev tools were sluggish even quite recently which kept me developing with Chrome. Until today, it seems! Developer Edition is now as snappy as Chrome for me, so I'm back full time 🎉 🌍 🦊

So, a lot of addons are going to need changing for the upcoming Firefox 57.
This is no bad thing.

However, some stuff I have used is not going to make it.
For example, Self Destructing Cookies.

On the upside, there is Cookie Autodelete, that does what I need and is going to be useable going forward. 😃


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Looks like uBlock Origin is on the case, so although not FF57 ready at the moment, the beta shows they have done the work 😃