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Alright, it's #LibreMonday today!

At Hamburg Universitiy of Technology we use #StaticSiteGenerators for the production of Open Educational Ressources (#OER). We chose #GitBook ( first and try #Jekyll now.

Please find some examples here:


#GitBook is great, but I recommend to use the commandline tool v3.2.3 and publish and host yourself. For that workflow #GitLab and #Docker are great.

i really need to make a grid package for #gitlab #omnibus is seriously bad news is going down in a moment for an update

#gitlab omnibus takes a stupid amount of time to start up so here's your notice

we'll be back in ~10min maybe less

@wxl Both for those who won't touch #github and for failure-tolerance, consider adding a mirror somewhere like hosted #gitlab, !selfhost ed with #gitea, hosted #gitgud, or even hosted #bitbucket

@bea i was running a fork of it (gitea) previously. i like it, but i miss having the runners and registry stuff. these could be set up but is easier

i should not have used the omnibus install for

not flexible enough

works, but i'll have to do some more invasive maintenance to get the registry set up the way i want

@maiyannah @cwebber As an example, SSB is developed on #SSB because there's #gitssb. I don't think waiting for git-OStatus or git-ActivityPub to emerge before developing ActivityPub is a good idea, and neither is staying away from the current tools of the trade for the sake of it.

Of course, there's more than one person involved who thinks using github rather than Free project hosting software is problematic, but there are many contradicting forces leading to that decision, and it's hardly unique for the Free world.

AP or OStatus support in #gitlab or #gitea would be really cool though.

#tchncs #gitlab instance just moved to our new server - the gitlab runner will be available tomorrow again.

@themightyglider are they intending to feed patches upstream to #GITLab, or is this looking like a possible hard fork?