Sunshine Gardens

will work on things that aren't gnu/linux


the UI stuff is expecting wayland so you'll only get daemons if you use anything else

#grid (#tomo and my overly ambitions projects in general) tries to lean on existing tech as much as possible at the heart of this is #docker running in swarm mode packages are strictly packaged docker images what #grid adds to the equation is NAT smashing overlay networking, automatic host configuration, garbage collection, uptime monitoring, privacy control, storage, and so on

#grid needs simpler network isolation i *do* like that you have to explicitly bridge networks to allow services to reach each other, but debian kernel gets mad when you have >5 network namespaces works but you get periodic kernel lock messages

@xj9 #grid? gotta have a look at that... i am in no mood to have to move everything again for a while. google is a botnet but at least they do everything i want

i'm *particularly* excited about having graphical app support in #grid packages

#soon but not #soon enough

sunday to this morning is a blur but i closed like ten tickets and got the #grid repo format working

package updates are still pending, but its looking nice

@dolus the packaging side of my project is basically the same deal, but using instead of i'm using some custom scripts rn, but i'm considering standardizing on PKGBUILD or APKBUILD depending on whether i can encode service dependencies and shit in a way that isn't too awkward

the next step is to have support graphical applications under X and Wayland but I have to make a gitlab package first so I don't have to deal with the stupidity that is omnibus anymore

@clacke πŸ€” I probably need to consider SEO when I'm naming these things tbh

is a scheduler along the lines of fleet or k8s the idea is to turn your personal devices (+ optionally cloud machines) into a single distributed UNIX-ish thing uses for isolation and packaging not ready to share yet, but it *is* functional enough that I can use it to host my personal cloud nonsense

@hardbass2k8 a bunch of nonsense tbh

I am finally getting into a proper workspace tomorrow evening so I can get cracking on the next iteration of