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for those of you programers wanna be mathematicians, here's some quality free math books i collected.

they are the basics, for dummies, you can master in 10 minitues!

Free Math Textbooks

Linear Algebra, by David Cherney and Others

Linear Algebra, by Jim Hefferon

Real Analysis by Jiri Lebl 2016

Differential Geometry by Chuu-Lian Terng

Differential Geometry, by Richard S Palais


and fuck #haskell programers

homotopy type theory foreseen!
Math Notation, Computer Language Syntax, and the “Form” in Formalism
#haskell! #clojure!

"One queen per row, in every legal position, for every configuration. You imagine what their startup’s about-us page would look like."
#aphyr #haskell

@gargron This deep voodoo talk is what scared me away from learning #Haskell.

#Haskell ruined me, I can no longer write down binary operations as "f:RxR->R" without wincing and wanting to write "f:R->R->R" instead. :/

#gluonlang is inspired by #Lua and #Haskell (and #Ocaml) and is written in #Rust

that's like, the best qualities of anything ever

@hfaust nah dude we just have to finish the gnu/system and make suuuper cheap ways to deploy internet infrastructure over large areas using and fully libre hard/software stack (microkernel)

written in obviously

@xj9 That would scare most people away before they had a chance to like or dislike #Haskell. If anything, that text should have been in a footnote, followed by a link for further digging.

> Monads are monoid (objects) in the (monoidal) category of endofunctors (which is monoidal with respect to functor composition).

this is why people hate you know

ok! #introductions!

• I'm a #math and #computerscience / #programming student — 💞 #haskell
• I like #puzzles (#puzzlehunts etc.; wow these hashtags are lonely) and #music
• I write things sometimes?
• I feel super weird using #hashtags unironically for searchability
• This is not my main account, but I'm not sure yet if I'll use my accounts in a way that a "main account" exists
• Really dig the aesthetic, thanks @chr
• he/him/his
#dragons are awesome
• awoooooooo

I want to learn #Haskell but every time I start, it feels so dense. I never get to where I can just start writing a quick script.

(curry computer thought)

(fast rodent computer thought)