Sunshine Gardens

is a phone for hackers

live hackable lisp machine
brilliant 800x400px touch display
8MP front and rear cameras
full mechanical keyboard
headphone jack

open source plans to make one at home!


i'm making , a smartphone you can assemble at home (with some skill) i also want to go after a solar pocket pc/netbook idea using the same hardware platform + solar, battery, keyboard, enclosure.

software-wise, i'm going for a modernized lisp machine idea with a lot of inspiration taken from and . post below outlines the arch.

base OS is (alpine-based).

hmu on !

> but why?

crash and burn
realize how much i hate being alive
best friend decides she doesn't want to have anything to do with me anymore
feel suuuuper exposed an empty all the time because ghosts don't know how to be fucking real
its always fucking dirty
too cold or too hot ALWAYS and you can't fix it
backyard is all thorns
the qt azn girl next door doesn't like TRAPS
no fucking BATHTUB
stormdrain in my living room

how did i end up here? hell if i know

a lot of us here have the skills to do contracted software development. nobody has to move, we just need clients and boom: we're in business.

i'm not even good at sales, and i landed a p sweet contract last time i tried this at .