Sunshine Gardens

i've decided that i'm not going to ship my apps on anything other than my linux distro ( os) running on my custom open hardware. ( )

> it sounds like you're trying to get me to stop using apple products

that's exactly what i'm trying to do. i want to make an exclusive "freedom garden" of libre applications.

> you aren't even going to release alpha versions for other platforms?

no, 100% exclusive.

> that's dumb

yup 😎

@xj9 if they were REALLY COOL apps, then people might go out and build their own to try them and those that already have a or would feel special in their little freedom gardens. It would be open source, right? So someone could try and figure out how to get your apps to work on another platform if they wanted to? Make it work on , make people join the club

a fully assembled #cybredeck is probably going to end up ~150 USD

#nomad will be around ~200 USD i think

solar and lithium isn't the cheapest stuff, but is isn't bad

I'll be home in about a month. Nearly-continuous #hotel-living for 22 months. #nomad
@bthall I quickly discovered that I need to do #R when I'm not doing the #nomad thing. A little time here and there, between the nearly-constant work schedule / work location / temporary domicile / transportation changes doesn't work for me.

@clacke @viciousviscosity @munin i'm only using for host-dependent services. *most* of the system will be running inside which supports several task drivers.

@viciousviscosity @munin counter-example: i don't have a problem with systemd. i use it for a lot of things and i'm pretty happy with it. in fact, i'm building on , , and , for example. i agree that there are some things about it that could be *better*, but i think that about most of my tools.

the cool thing about is that it allows you to use several different task drivers to define jobs, you aren't forced to use .

i'm having a lot of fun designing the infrastructure i'm going to use for . i've built a lot of these systems over the years, and i'm really happy with how this one is turning out.