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@zatnosk some people find value in #GNUSocial !groups, but they aren't defined in #OStatus and aren't supported by all #fediverse servers
@deadsuperhero you missed out #Pleroma in the list of #OStatus compatible server packages

@Gargron Thank you so much this huge effort of yours for this brand new experience for social networks called Mastodon. I know there is a lot of criticism and concerns about the #Ostatus compatibility, but its the right path to follow, i know its not always easy to take that kind of decisions, its hard to keep em when a lot of people seems pretty upset when things change, but i am sure they will enable more advanced and nice features for all in the near future.

@elizafox @chriswere sounds like #ActivityPub allows a much larger range of federated functions than #OStatus
@rbonifaz @sri I'm told federated !groups were inherited by #GNUSocial from #StatusNet, but were never formally incorporated into #OStatus
@rbonifaz @sri #ActivityPub is an attempt to provide all the features and benefits of #OStatus,, and #Diaspora's variant of OStatus
@rbonifaz @sri #OStatus is a legacy standard, providing very basic message federation. It's creator went on to develop

@sri I don't know, but it is something that #GNUSocial supports since the time it was named #Laconica.
What I don't know if groups are supported in #ActivityPub that is the protocol Mastodon uses for federation.
There is also #OStatus
I don't understund yet the differences (relationship?) between OStatus and ActivityPub

A lot of things to learn, but a fascinating world. I am happy :)

@rbonifaz @sri unless something changed in the last couple of months, #Mastodon uses #OStatus, not #ActivityPub, and doesn't support groups
This is #trippy! Has some new meta-federation started happening between the #OStatus #Fediverse and #TheFederation?
@ajpz you can follow any account on any server running an #OStatus compatible software package, list here:

Can someone give me a quick overview of the #Ostatus vs. #ActivityPub flame? In layman terms, if possible :) I looked up both specifications but I'm too much of a n00b to understand why one protocol is better/worse than the other. Thanks!

@jbond @cwebber well, it basically became #WebSub ( It is also part of #OStatus, so it is currently used by GNU Social and Mastodon.

I am fine with my posts syndicating across the fediverse, just like this message it getting to you. I would like to post like that from WordPress.

Also, and this is most important, we can't enslave content. We aren't supposed to enslave anything. So it is incorrect to refer to content as "master" and "slave".

@mouse @SarcasmKid of course, but the key word is "viable alternative" which mediagoblin isn't. was a thing for ages before came along and blew up the federation

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@usbhump Evan P's Status\.Net startup lost its funding. Around the same time, he was trying to get the developers of the underlying protocols that compose #OStatus to agree to make changes to their protocols to enable enhanced privacy. Among the organizations he was trying to motivate was Google, which had recently introduced #GPlus and was no long interested in the open web.

In a hurry to cut costs, he developed the software and protocol to be simpler to develop and cheaper to operate, and to offer some additional privacy built into the protocol. And also to be independent of the progress some of these protocols.

Pump was built with the idea that most federated networks would switch protocols to be compatible. That did not happen. But the hope is that its descendant #ActivityPub will unite the disparate networks.

@gargron Don't oversell AP. If you start to sound like a used car salesperson, people will become suspicious of your motives and the veracity of your claims.


I like your effort of creating the vibe of collaboration! :)

...but, still here comes critic:
You're pushing the focus in this toot to 2 protocols while there are more.
#ActivityPub is solving issues from #OStatus. this makes ppl more believe that in future it will be all around ActivityPub.

That's not very engaging for those working on 'other sides' for federated networks

#fediverse #federation

@moonman @clacke That was where much of #OStatus came from. I'm not sure blogs ever implemented Salmon, but I remember reading about it: comments posted on one's own site would swim upstream to where the original article was posted.

First there was #OStatus, now there is the violent backward-compatibility breaking #ActivityPub. Please everyone, stay on #Mastodon ^1. If everyone switches to ^2, I'll switch over to GNU Social. And hopefully get someplace to work on a Mastodon fork that would be a heavenly blessing, a sacred marriage of v1 and v2.