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Der Ebook-Download zur Wochenmitte: Practical Data Analysis - Second Edition

Zur Wochenmitte spendiert Packt Publishing im Rahmen der freien (frei wie 🍺 Freibier) und täglich wechselnden Ebook-Download-Aktion den Titel »Practical Data Analysis« von Hector Cuesta und Dr. Sampath Kumar. Auf über 330 Seiten (PDF-Fassung) erzählt Euch das Buch, wie Ihr eine Analyse (auch) großer Datenmengen mit #Python, MongoDB und Apaches Spark durchführen könnt.

Någon som är intresserade av ett Python-jobb i GBG? #Jobb #Job #GBG #Python

If you're in the #bayarea and into #python or #django, I'm running the first-ever Code & Coffee meetup for my new meetup group on the 22nd in Oakland.

TFW you have a title in upper case and it's easier to bring up Python, put the string into a variable, and use foo.title() to title-case it.


#introduction time!

I'm phildini! I help run I also make things in #python and #django, and work for a FinTech company in SF.

@gizm0_0 :waves: hi, im a queer #python hacker! micropython is super cool and im always happy when people give talks abt it! it's not nearly well-known enough


Every time I log into the birdsite i see something within the first 10s that reminds me why I'm trying to quit it.

Who's here from #pdx #portlandia ?

Are there other trans guys in tech around? Or queers in tech in general? Or allies?

Who all is on here from the #python community? I'm giving a talk at PyCascades this January about micropython.

I'm also really into #hiking #camping and the #outdoors in general.

Say hello! Please 🙂🍍

I suspect from that error that the script is designed for #python 2.x, not python 3.x.

Finally biting the bullet and learning #python. Sort of. Maybe.

I realize now that I've put it off not just because the syntax is bonkers (who uses significant white space in the 21st century?), but the whole ecosystem, such as it is. SciPy, PyPy, miniconda, anaconda...three distros and two package managers later, I *think* I'm finally have a functional linter in #SublimeText3 and I'm ready to code.

Who looks at the #linux distro insanity and says "that looks good; we should emulate it"?

Watch as I do a live demonstration of Python and Virtual Environments at the last MUG Meeting:


Hey uh, here is a thing I made in #Lua for #documentation. Tryna be a bit like #Python, just more ugly.

It's like, ugh, idk, I'm tired, how do I expl. Just look at the source.

The example file is crap, don't look at it.

@Jessiscah fucken hell

and you tell them

"I don't want to use that library"


"because I fucken said so?"

#Python on freenode suffered from this problem severely.


Pythonの関数(オブジェクト) と オブジェクト.関数() の違いは何ですか? - PyQオフィシャルブログ

#Python #プログラミング学習