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Julien Assagne seems to be lost with his philosophy. He only can think in terms of centralized plattforms, even while he know about #ssb, mastodon and hubzilla.

Does anyone know of a good write-up comparing the pros and cons of #Zot and #SSB (Secure #Scuttlebutt) as distributed messaging protocols?

This project is really worth sharing a lot, #patchwork #scuttlebot #ssb #sbot
I see a lot of potential in this, and I love the active community around it!

@paulfree14 However, I expect that celebs will hate #ssb for the same reasons they hated Mastodon. No global usernames or "verified accounts" means it would be hard to control or enforce their brand.
@paulfree14 #ssb is maybe a possibility for celebs, because they could create a pub and then tell followers to connect to that with an invite code available on some site.

@bob I'm not shure. He's much into fighting cencorship, and know that twitter does.
Also outreach for celebs isn't to bad, as ppl follow each other instead of topics.
...but yeah copared to twitter, or fb nothin, but also there just a view ppl started once.

I've mentioned a couple of alternative to him. Some min. after I mentioned #ssb he made a tweet stating that ssb looks interesting. at least he looks into it now...we'll see

There are several opinions weather it's great what Julien Assange is doing or shit.

But he just asked for a decentralized twitter 'alternative'.
I've told him about the fediverse, #ssb and such.

Would you like to see Julien Assange joining the fediverse?

boost: yes
fav: no

Many boosts could motivate him to join, as I will forward it to him.
Many favs, to better stay away.

@bob @dajbelshaw
here is #ssb incl. links to other projects:

and here you can learn about #freedombone

If you've got questions bob might be the better person to answer them ;-)

Although Ferment looks nice it also appears to have issues with high bandwidth use and unreliable pub invites. I think I'll disable it for now. #SSB !Freedombone

I've tried #zeronet sometime ago. Looked great!
Also from what I know there is what helped to keep the net running

did you had a look into #ssb already?

also check out
he's working on #meshnets and such

@LogicalDash there's also which uses a blockchain like datastructure, but doesn't enforce global consensus and doesn't include a PoX algo.

@KitRedgrave the real problem is that ActivityPub isn't really fixing anything

in dex emojis are just a matter of pointing an image tag at an blob that you published somewhere

@clacke @jeffcliff

@h implied that we was talking about web replacements by saying that SSB wasn't one. I'm confused, but also disagree: you can totally make a with a bunch of replicated logs and links between them (which are already support) in terms of applications is made of webshit so they're about equal there except that has a brighter future because it isn't chained to a browser.

@h @xj9 @jeffcliff Mastodon isn't a "web substitute" either. Are you looking for #zeronet?

People do "anything beyond demos" every day on #ssb. The social network aspect, posting text and pictures and commenting, is fully functional, and there's potential for more.

@eloquence (an app) is dope! the tech has a lot of interesting ideas baked into it.

there's a lot to like imo. the only concern I have is how it performs on mobile. somebody was working on a mobile port last time I looked so the answer might already be out there