Sunshine Gardens

#grid (#tomo and my overly ambitions projects in general) tries to lean on existing tech as much as possible at the heart of this is #docker running in swarm mode packages are strictly packaged docker images what #grid adds to the equation is NAT smashing overlay networking, automatic host configuration, garbage collection, uptime monitoring, privacy control, storage, and so on

i want to do a lightning talk tonight but i don't have a presentation ready

i have one for but i'm not sure i want to talk about it IRL yet

is a phone for hackers

live hackable lisp machine
brilliant 800x400px touch display
8MP front and rear cameras
full mechanical keyboard
headphone jack

open source plans to make one at home!

the future i want is one where everyone has a private, walled off internet with all of the applications and services locked inside, with the ability to create secure bridges for sharing information with family, friends, and co-workers

#tomo #relax

i will probably fail at making this thing good and useful for others or even functional in the first place, but i'm having fun with it so it don't matter