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@xj9 Is this a public resource or is it just for your personal projects?

@xj9 Is there like a "heropunch manifesto" or something? Are you hoping to attract projects of a particular kind?

@solderpunk heropunch was my worker-cooperative startup thing , but i'm trying to rethink it as a free software project. the big picture thing is making p2p tools and protocols easier to work with. however, i'm happy to host p much any free software project on


@xj9 Checking that I grok you stack: tomo is a trustworthy hardware platform, tanesi is an operating system designed to run on said platform, relax is a library/framework/daemon thing that runs on tanesi and is supposed to be the base for building cool P2P apps? I assume grid will be something to allow tomo machines to communicate wirelessly without relying on standard internet infrastructure?

@solderpunk yes! mostly gluing other projects together with gambit scheme, but the p2p scheduler, some relax tools, and the (upcoming PoC) apps will all be new code

@xj9 Awesome, thanks for clarifying, and providing the journal link (hadn't seen that before). I'm going to slowly read up on this stuff and look at the code as I find time, expect further questions in future. :)

@solderpunk relax is heavily inspired by BeAPI and plan9

a sort of virtual meta-machine thing with a friendly api