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@Elizafox maybe like a blog or something


a micro blog for fucking announcements

one that isn't mixed with mr. @Gargron s personal posts

maybe even BOTH with links from one to the other


@xj9 Or at least a coherent blog post that doesn't leave more questions than it answers

@xj9 For fucken real Mastodon communication sucks donkey cock and there's like no motivation to change it because apparently incoherent and infrequent blogposts, the grapevine, random discourse on the timeline, and an occasional post from Gargron are perfectly acceptable substitutes for centralised communications.

@elizafox @xj9  then people should support making a fork or leave mastodon and make a gnusocial instance. why i say this because Gargron and his fan boys just support walled gardens yet people want customization and customization is better.

@1iceloops123 @Elizafox i tried for a sec but it got hijacked with nonsense and is better anyway on a technical *and* UX level

@xj9 @1iceloops123

>pile of PHP
>better on technical level

my friend you're comparing diarrhea to constipation

/fit/ thicc fairy 🤬 @xj9

@Elizafox @1iceloops123

kek talking right out of your ass

pleroma is an ActivityPub/OStatus implementation written in Elixir

pleroma-fe is vue.js and *compatible* with gnu/social

get your facts straight before you try to throw down bitch

@xj9 @1iceloops123 Thought it was a GNU/Social clone

I guess I am

I dunno

I don't go near that side of the ecosystem

@Elizafox @1iceloops123 you literally just have to open the source repo to see what it's made of gitgud.io/lambadalambda/plerom

@Elizafox @1iceloops123

> technical criticism
> can't actually research the shit they criticize

that's some weak shit

@elizafox @xj9  i do pay attention when i have the time i just have a hard time explaining things to people.

@xj9 @1iceloops123 More like "I don't give enough fucks to keep on top of this shit."

@Elizafox @1iceloops123 you definitely give enough fucks to shit on other people's hard work

I criticize @Gargron but I don't half ass it like you because I'm not a hack

@xj9 @Gargron @1iceloops123 @Elizafox

> hurr durr troll devs can only make php shit rofl


@xj9 @gargron @elizafox  bunch of reasonable people would of thought but oh some people don't use their brains yet they should.