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« telling people to use free software because otherwise they are exploited on an individual level is not a very effective appeal because it essentially puts the weight of the entire oppressive system on their shoulders […]: you choose to be exploited. […] This is clearly false, in the same way that people rarely have a choice when it comes to participating in other oppressive social relations. The answer is never to sever oneself from society, but to change it. »

/fit/ thicc fairy 🤬 @xj9

@lunar well, you *do* have to opt out of the system, just like you opt to use or products. you make a choice. as an activist and developer it is my job to make the free alternatives useful and attractive so that users will have practical reasons to adopt tech that respects their freedom.

if you are a developer or marketing person, well the weight *is* on your shoulders because you have the skills to influence people use to better shit.

I agree. It's a complex dynamic between building suitable alternatives, disobedience, and political struggle. :)

@xj9 @lunar Usually people do have a choice over what operating system or applications they run on a laptop. It's not like being coerced into wage slavery to survive the daily grind under Late Capitalism. Admittedly the choices on mobile phones are more limited and there isn't a good fully Free Software alternative yet.

The important point to remember if you're an activist doing anything which your government or major companies might not like then in all likelihood your Windows 10 laptop has already been fully compromised and your adversaries now know who to play off against who in order to render your organization ineffectual or who to preemptively disrupt before a protest.