ex vetus, invenimus novi

I'm Matilde Park. I'm a hacker and "creative technologist" living in Toronto.

I've been a resident of the Sunshine Gardens clubhouse since 2019. I've been interested in decentralisation and the peer-to-peer web since 2016, when I first discovered Mastodon and entered the fediverse.

I came to all this from media theory; I had a career as a game developer for a few years, make music with some collaborators every now and then -- and honestly, I never got over the "potential of the hyperlink" the 1990s promised me when it came to art, narrative ...

In all my work I hope to weave a future that blooms the nascent promise of our particular field -- I feel as though the ways people can reconfigure technologies from all eras into extensible methods of self-expression and finding kin is far from zero-sum: we are constructing mutually reinforced spaces.

More on my general stance:

Tools of Our Own - Urbit

What I'm up to now:


And some people really do call me ~am -- Devine suggested I use it because it's my name backwards.


blog and archives

May include some scrapbooking alongside some former posts.

Aether Interactive

Video games I built alongside collaborators, co-owners, etc. (2016-2019).

Lapsed Catholics

Some of the music I've made with friends.

By the way ...

You should also go look at xj9, she's a cool cat.



Always happy to chat.