getting started

tilde access

contact an admin for shell access to the tilde server. from here you can compose or upload gemini documents and other files. anything stored in `~/gemdocs` will show up under `gemini://$username/`.

gemini clients




+ availabile from your tilde account. additional clients will be added over time.


preformatted text starts and ends with ```

quotes start with >

links are formatted: => LOCATION or => LOCATION LABEL

list items start with *

headings are # just like markdown

the following code block contains some examples:

# heading
## heading 2
### heading 3 and so on
* list item
=> ./relative-link
=> ./relative-link relative link with label
=> gemini://domain.tld/absolute-link 
=> gemini://domain.tld/absolute-link absolute link with label
use ``` to start/end a preformated text block
paragraphs are just long lines of text. don't wrap these yourself!
> quotes work like paragraphs, they are also long lines of text.

see also

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