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This is a project to re-publish all of the things that I’ve written over the years in a nice, organized fashion. This content is organized into collections that you may view by clicking below:


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Then a sudden realization dawned on me. I looked at this girl, seeing her as one sees a stranger. She was beautiful and young… we both were. This was not just a summer night in Georgia, this was the summer of my youth, a fleeting moment in the span of my life that I would look back upon with longing and a smile once I had become stooped and gray.

A collection of unscripted, unprepared and uncensored voice recordings covering topics ranging from culture and politics to economics and public policy; everything is game.

emotional intelligence

The purpose of writing this blog is to pursue my philosophical framework which I have called Eclecticism (this is subject to change) as well as pondering the mysteries of the Universe and my views on the world at large.

project beyond

I have a lot of thoughts about operating system design, its been an interest of mine since I first began to use computers. I lost a lot of what I created to a series of hard drive failures. I have since learned to keep better backups, but the damage is already done. This is what I have been able to recover.

I believe in making the world a better place and I think that software and information technology can give us the tools we need to do so. I believe in giving those tools and the power they entail to the people, to do whatever they wish with them. My interests range from web application frameworks and document storage systems to hardware hacking and building mobile computers using widely available (and affordable) compontents, and everything in between.

Information is as beautiful as it is powerful. In addition to my work to make advanced technology available to the masses I take pride in my deication to making many different kinds of information easily accessible to anyone anywhere.


A podcast recorded somewhere in the vast cosmos in which a variable number of intelligent beings discuss topics that include all possible subjects real and unreal while approaching infinity.


Essays, short stories, what have you.


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No Regrets

#emotion #philosophy


#philosophy #emotion

Music and Economic Democracy

#politics #philosophy

Emotional Intelligence

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Moral Luck


Style v. Substance

Science v. Religion


Project Beyond

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The Connection Machine

Harm Reduction



#web #technology

Server-Client OS

#technology #ui

User Rights



CLI + GUI = The Future

#technology #ui

Out with the old, in with the new



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Fate, Change, Iraq

#politics #philosophy

Haiti, Technology and Society

#technology #politics

Space, Military, and Death

#politics #philosophy


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#short story




Trancendental Dreamer

ecology and the human predicament

the restaurant


make something cool

it takes a lot of courage to go out there and radiate your essence



fire born


love unconfessed


perfection denied


questions to a child


the dryad


the geyser




Like the Day I Was Born




#personal essay