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The Connection Machine

Ever want to work together with somebody on a project, but didn’t know who had the relevant skills? Want to start a company? Need skilled employees? Connection Machine is your answer. The Connection Machine is a goal reaching, project tracking tool combined with a simple social network designed to faciliate and promote the progress of a given project or goal.

Each user has a profile which includes their skills, certifications, endorsements, and a history of the projects that they’ve participated in. A user can start, follow, and participate in any number of public projects.

The Workflow

Notes develop an thought or dream into a concrete Idea. That Idea gets commented on and discussed until its ready to be realised and becomes a Project. A Project is always general or big os it need to be broken down into specific actions or “Things to do”, you set the goals (with specific dates and dependencies) and the tasks that determine that the goal has been reached (dates are optional for To-do)

Eventually Connection Machine will give you feedback about your efficiency and some words of praise or advice (depending) to help keep you reaching your goals (or to get started) so your project can become reality.

Keeping it Together

Hooks into other services keep your projects up-to-date with what is being done so you can adjust and match events to goals reached. Everything is treated statistically to help you work better, faster, and stronger.

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