title: "[dapps made easy] chapter 2: on singletons" data: 2019-08-15 draft: true featured: true tags: technology dapps-made-easy

ssb embraces some nice ideas about avoiding central concepts. so you have a bunch of sinks that you pull data from instead of a global key/value store. this sounds nice, but i think what they are trying to get at is the need for centralized bootstrap peers. this is an important topic to bring up! you do need rendezvous points to establish coms in a distributed network. however, ssb does have a de-facto bootstrap list.

for starters, trackers are typically only needed to bootstrap a swarm. once you have enough peers PEX and DHT tracking is more than enough. in ssb pubs are always needed to join subnets. to be fair, you also need a peer in this position in some cases for bit torrent replication.

explicitly selecting your bootstrap peers is an improvement, but you are still relying on them to enable replication on most networks.

you don't need these as much in an adequate overlay network, but then you replace bootstrap peers with gateway nodes and you still need a rendezvous point inside the overlay.